Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here's Johnny

Well, well, well....apparently I have a blogspot account. It appears as if I haven't updated, let alone logged into blogspot in months. Let's see, whats new? Ummm...I am now done with school, and have recently enjoyed Christmas. I now have an unbelievably busy week ahead of me. I have to take my state test to receive my RE licence, pack, and celebrate NYE and the end of a decade! So excited for it all. I'll attempt to circumvent the inevitable ramble about being done with school, entering the real world, blah, blah, blah... well at least for now. After hopefully passing my RE exam, I need to start packing for the trip that will kick off the year of change. A few friends and I are embarking on a road trip to ride the Rockies in B-E-A-UTIFUL Breckenridge Colorado! In preparation of this fantastic trip, I am getting my old Volkl's and my recently acquired K2 Apache Recons tuned.

I have to go out and shovel now so I'll be cutting this short, but a lot has happened in the past few months that I'll be sure to update on, including attempting to sell my amazing car, an assload of shows. These shows include, but are not limited to:
-The Polar Bear Club
-The Dear Hunter
-Lucky Boys Confusion
-Archie Star
-Pete Yorn
-The Flaming Lips
-Arsonists Get All the Girls
-HORSE the Band
-The Chariot
-Norma Jean
-Innerpart System

that is all


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

where were you?

I know it's a bit late, but I wrote this in my phone on the morning of Sept. 11 and didn't get around to uploading it until now-

On the 8th anniversary of the biggest tragedy on US soil, I can't help question everything. While I am not BY ANY MEANS attempting to take away anything from the 3000 innocent people and heroic Police and Firefighters that died this day 8 years ago, but in the wake of all the other deaths/murders that have come from it, maybe we should also take today to reflect on those other lives lost as well. Think of the thousands of U.S. men and women sent over seas, who lost their lives for this war. Not only that, but think of the hundreds of thousands, if not million of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians who have lost their lives in the midst of our war on terror. Remember when all those commercials came out..."if you do drugs, the terrorists win", "if you vote democrat the terrorist win" well how about this...

- When you're ignorant, the terrorist win-
- When you're racist, the terrorists win-
- When you hate an entire ethnicity b/c of what a few did, the terrorists win-
- When you kill innocent civilians, the terrorists win-
- When you listen to Toby Keith, the terrorists win-

Think of how much anger and hatred you felt on Sept 12 2001, for the people who you thought brutally massacred 3000 of you're fellow country men. Now imagine how deep your hatred would flow towards a country who wiped 1,000,000 people just like you (INNOCENT) off the map. Every time we kill an innocent father, we turn his sons into candidates for terror. We need to stop the bombings of villages and gatherings to hopefully take out one important target. I know we all thought Obama would CHANGE things, but I think Jeremy Scahill said it best with :

The fact is, on the ground, Obama is continuing some of the most belligerent, violent, and some would say, unconstitutional policies of the Bush administration. Bagram is his Guantanamo. They're spending 60 Million dollars to expand the place. ( in Afghanistan the airfield) they're holding people without charge in contradiction with international law. Bombing in Pakistan with these drones are indiscriminately killing civilians. Civilians are dying in Afghanistan on a regular basis, and the guy is using a quarter millions contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. . . Sounds ALOT like Bush"

O.K, I will end this now before it gets away from me...


"A man faithful to the Constitution doesn't stop criticizing presidents when the letter after their names change." - bob barr

This music video is obviously not a professional video from RA, but rather a fan original. I understand that it is very graphic, but these tremendously gruesome images are some poor soul's reality.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death Panels!!!

I'm assuming this will be a short post, but I guess all that can change with one wild rant from left field. I know my previous posts have been extremely random and unorganized, & I doubt any of that will change. The only reason for this post is to share a few things that I have been enamoured with recently. One being the monster catfish my buddy caught last night. We went to a small pond, just expecting to pull out a bluegill or two, and all of a sudden this thing hit just as were getting ready to pack it up...
<span class=

<span class=

<span class=
scary big right?

Now while I know this is, by no means, the biggest fish ever caught, that fact that it was pulled from a small residential pond makes this thing EPIC...After snapping a few pics and returning this behemoth to his watery home, we spent the remainder of the evening enjoying demon sweat @
<span class=

&& now for the other motivation for this post...
I came across this cover of "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson a while ago, but after going through a few other songs, I have become a huge fan of these guys...

and this may be my favorite of their stuff

check 'em out here:

-and that's the way it is-

oh, oh, I almost forgot a quote...

"the core of man's spirit comes from new experiences"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oprah really grinds my gears

Sorry about how random/awful that last entry was. I wasn't fully recovered, and my remedial use of the English language displayed just that. hmm . . . I think from now on I will be ending my posts with a random quote out of a notebook I've had since high school. Some will be the eloquent thoughts of authors, politicians, and teachers... and some will be random bullshit sputtered out by friends after a few too many chardonnays. Along with a colorful quote, I will also try and embed a random song that I have been listening to. I'll steer clear of most radio spun songs because who needs to hear the new Creed song again? On a completely unrelated note, why won't Creed just die already? Damn you Scott Staff, can't you just come to grips with the fact that your nasal singing ruins everything? (cept for maybe 'Higher') Just accept your role in pop culture, and take the reins of your own VH1 reality bomb already. I mean, half the people who watched Bret Michaels fill a tour bus with what looked like the waiting room of a free clinic never even liked Poison, and look how ridiculously popular that raping of prime time television was. Maybe there's hope for you yet Scott, just stay the hell off of the radio. Please no more albums, and For the Love of Ray J, please Scott, skip the crap shack self-help autobiography about the toils of success and alcohol, and how only after mending your relationship with Jesus were you able to see clearly again. I can see it now...."Can You Take Me Higher?: My Personal Experience with Jesus" by Scott Staff...I don't really know where that came from. I didn't know I held so much contempt for Mr.Staff. Random. Well, I spent my Labor Day being sick. Awesome, right? Well maybe not the entire weekend. Sunday brought a block party for a buddies 21st, and Monday was spent casting lures into a body of water. I'd say I was fishing, but that would imply fish were actually involved in the activities. The biggest fish caught was:

and I can't even take credit for it. My buddy caught it.
Oh, and I came across a few interesting scenes this past week...and here they are:

old diablo


some asshat apparently found what he thought was a faster way out of the lot(if you look closely only one of the tires is touching the ground!)



Anyways, since I am currently battling off the aforementioned bronchitis I might post again before the end of the week...we'll see...

-Peace up, A-town down-

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in Politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors" -Plato-

And now for some phat beat$

i love the strings featured in this song

"I know we facin a recession But the music yall makin gonna make it the great depression"
"Get back to rap you T-Pain’n too much"
i'm pretty sure i could be t-pain with enough auto-tune


i just came across this and felt like i just had to share.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love Neil Diamond, and those who don't.

I really should be working on my assignment for tomorrow but I need a break. I would also like to apologize for how horribly written the entry will be. I can still feel my brain blanking as it attempts to make up for the brain-cells lost in last nights escapades.This week has been ridic and it's only Wed! Monday I went home in hopes of picking up my car from:
<span class=
only to discover that they received the wrong part and i would have to big deal really but a wasted trip home none the less. Yesterday I had class until 1:50 and somehow, by the grace of god, made to westmont in time to make the 2:42..."why trekking to the city?" you was FINALLY my buddy's 21st burfday and we headed to the Northside to watch the Cubs get smoked. After a hazy evening in wrigleyville, and the obligatory trip to the Uptown until close, I was gently awoke, early this morning, to an "axe to the forehead" hangover that only PBR can provide, and hurried to drive back to D-town in the rain with only my passenger side wiper working...needless to say it was awesome. Highlights of the evening (but not limited to):

<span class=
finally found the discontinued hat i was after

<span class=
car bombs @ Merkel's

<span class=
<span class=
Big Z's homer

<span class=
Ronnie made an appearance in the left field bleachers late in the game

<span class=
@ the Uptown

After class i returned to my beautiful bed to nurse my wounds with some hair of the dog and a nap. After inevitable waking up late i once again shagged ass to get to class on time. after sitting in front of a locked door for 40 min and frantically checking my schedule to insure i was in the right place i finally noticed that my class does not start until next week...awesome. Well thats story of my ridic week...

On a separate note (mostly because I'm not quite ready to keep working yet) here are a few songs that i think may have flown below the radar of the masses, some old and some new...

Chicago Local Flavor:

-Archie Star- "we are the weekend"
if you've been around me whilst i've had my iPod at my disposal you more than likely have heard me praise this local chicago band

I couldn't get a vid but i would recommend you peep their myspace music...i wasn't crazy about these guys at first but after a few runs through their album "Serving Strangers" i couldn't bring myself to eject the cd...

-Janus- "eyesore"
yet another killer local band

-the fireship-
<span class=
unfortunately i couldnt find a vid for this one but it would worth your while to check em out...


couldnt find a vid either but if you listen to Q101 you prob have already heard of them...check out "bullet ballet"

and for a little indie flare check out
Grizzly Bear- "two weeks" off of their new album "Veckatimest"

&& a few randoms for good measure

The Crystal Method feat Matisyahu - Drown In The Now

for the love of god listen to this song!!

Jump Smokers- "don't be a douchebag"
"and that stupid kissey-face" hahaha

and last but defiantly not least, the new John Mayer release
<span class=

its an amazing cd/dvd
and while this song isn't featured on any his cd's i absolutely love it

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What it do?

-Do you have a lack of immature humor and pop-culture laden bromides in your life?

-Are you lying awake at night wishing you had a place to find worthless, yet wildly entertaining information about the world around you, with a dash of Liberalism sprinkled in for good measure?

-Have no fear...(in Eagle man voice) "Ive got something for you."

Hey all...and welcome to 1-800-Schoenzy. How'd you like that horrid attempt at a witty intro. Lame right? Well let's gets the awkward & broad summary that comes with every new blog over with. This will have no set pattern, schedule, common theme, or any real substance at all. Some weeks may inspire 3 post and other may bring none. All in all it'll be more random than Hitler juggling lake trout on a unicycle. This will more than likely become a place for me to share interesting things I come across day to, movies, music, quotes, sports, photography (some of mine and some from others), books and politics will prob make up the majority of my posts. Well, that and my ridiculously biased opinions on said subject matter. I also assume my own colorful, and all be it opinionated, commentary on the world around me will work it's way into the mix...ya know, I'll inevitably dedicate an entire post to how I hate: people who don't do the fucking speed limit, people who think Micheal Bay is an Oscar worthy director, people who ride in a lane that is clearly ending just to cut everyone off, people who slap ridiculous shit on their cars in an effort to make them look more expensive, people who actually believe Sarah Palin is a good thing for America, or people who still listen to Nickelback. (as you may soon notice i get off on wild tangents quite easily) I don't expect a large following (actually I doubt many will have interest in what I have to say at all) but this will be a way for me to document my journey from the end of college into the dreaded "real world" (no unfortunately not the MTV show, which coincidentally I think I would be perfect for, except for the whole being attractive thing) To share things, sometimes interesting and sometimes immature, with my friends, given that I soon need to begin to edit and censor my fb account. I'll check back later and throw some pics up as a look back on my summer.

-Seacrest Out!-

oh, and if you get a chance, check out
(my buddy derek who's in the Middle East)
riders, drivers, & fans of AWD & RWD vehicles of all makes
(my buddy ben & his friends review movie, music, and movies)
(hilarious rants about hating everyday things)

and here are a few of my fav's
(siick chi street club)
(great car vids/dvd)
a lil sample

sunday funday from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

and last but not least
(great photog's)